Clinical Package Validator (Template Package Libraries & IQ Rules)



The Clinical Package Validator is a tool to automate some of the tests needed to assess conformance of clinical documents and clinical packages with the eHealth Specifications.

The Validator does not test conformance against all specifications. The product data sheet for the Validator lists the tests that are supported, tests partially supported, and a general description of the types of tests not supported.

Results from the Validator must not be relied upon to determine software conformity when declaring conformity to the My Health Record System Operator. Software developers will need to supplement results from the Validator with their own testing before declaring conformity.

Version 2.7 of the Clinical Package Validator can be found here: Clinical Package Validator v2.7

Please refer to the currently available documentation for the Clinical Package Validator 2.7:

Template package libraries

In order to validate a specific document type using the Clinical Package Validator, you will be required to load in the relevant template package.

Note: HPI-I relaxed template packages are only applicable to organisations which have been granted an exemption for HPI-Is.

IQ Rules v1.5.1

The Information Quality Rules (IQ Rules) is a tool that helps developers, testers and analysts determine the conformance of clinical documents to the My Health Record system conformance requirements. It should be used in addition to the Clinical Package Validator tests.

Use of the IQ Rules commenced within the Australian Digital Health Agency (the ‘Agency’) in January 2017. The IQ Rules are now being made available to developers of healthcare software systems to reduce the time and effort needed to test for conformance to the My Health Record system conformance requirements.

The IQ Rules are currently being published here so that feedback from software developers may be used to improve the IQ Rules. Please provide any feedback to [email protected].

Version 1.5.1 of the IQ rules can be found here: IQ Rules v1.5.1

Documentation for the installation and usage of the IQ Rules can be found here;


The Australian Digital Health Agency has provided the following specifications:

Current Specifications: 

Version 2.7 of the Clinical Package Validator (Validator) provides software developers with enhanced capabilities to achieve a greater degree of automation and depth of their conformance tests of clinical documents.


eHealth pathology reports can be used to share information about pathology tests via an individual's digital health record. The Pathology Report PDF may contain one or more tests that are uploaded by the pathology provider to the individual's digital health record.

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