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The Healthcare Identifiers Service (HI) is a national system for uniquely identifying individuals and healthcare providers. HIs help to ensure individuals and providers can have confidence that the correct information is associated with the correct individual at the point of care.

Healthcare Identifiers Service in the Australian context

HIs help healthcare providers to ensure they store information against the correct person and securely access patient information in the My Health Record system. Combined with NASH, this allows consumers to securely keep track of their medical history in My Health Record.

Context in digital health

One of the key records shared in My Health Record is an individual’s shared health summary. It is a clinical document sourced from the individual’s nominated provider, containing key pieces of information about an individual’s health status that is useful to a wide range of healthcare providers for delivery of care.

Shared health summaries are a key piece of information for populating an individual’s consolidated view but it must be supplied as a structured clinical document.

Healthcare identifier service overview diagram

Figure 1: Overview of Healthcare Identifiers Service

HIs can be used in health related information to clearly identify the patient, the treating health professional and the organisation where healthcare is provided.

HIs are also the foundation for other government initiatives, such as the My Health Record system.

Feature Specifications


October, 2014
This release includes conformance requirements to reflect a new B2B web service for requesting the HI Service to create a verified IHI for a newborn child. It also includes a new guide for healthcare provider organisations who need to request the assignment of individual healthcare identifiers from the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service for newborns born under their care, using the Create Verified IHI for Newborns web service.
March, 2014
This release of the Healthcare Identifiers Service end product removes the developer resource product components and related product data sheets. These have been republished in a new end product, the Healthcare Identifiers Integration Toolkit v1.0.
February, 2014
Through its regular continuous improvement cycle, the HI Service has made available a set of new B2B web services. This incremental release publishes updated HI Conformance Requirements for connecting software to reflect new functionality available in the HI Service.
September, 2013
This incremental release publishes a product data sheet for the HI client library.
July, 2013
This incremental release includes a new Vendor Q&A document and updated sample code to align with the June release of the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service.

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