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Industry Offer

The objective of the Electronic Prescribing Industry Offer- second round (EPIO2)[1] is to incentivise the delivery to market of the ‘full’ electronic prescribing functionality as described in the Electronic Prescribing Solution Architecture v2.0. Requirements for software to achieve this full functionality is detailed in the Agency’s Electronic Prescribing Conformance Profile v3.0 (CPv3.0) that was published on 16 April 2021. The associated Electronic Prescribing- Conformance Test Specifications (CTS) for CPv3.0 were subsequently published on 23 April 2021.

This procurement will incentivise a number of CIS and mobile application providers to conform to the requirements of CPv3.0. The anticipated outcome will be a number of newly conformant software products such as CISs used by other authorised prescribers beyond medical practitioners (e.g. nurse practitioners, dental practitioners, optometrists) or EMMs for healthcare providers such as residential aged care and hospitals.

The Agency will oversee conformance testing against the published electronic prescribing conformance profile and engage with conformant open Prescription Delivery Services as the test environment.

Further information about the Electronic Prescribing Industry Offer

The Electronic Prescribing Industry Offer- second round is now closed and all tenderers have been notified of the outcome.