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Sample Code for connecting to the My Health Record system’s B2B Gateway

The Australian Digital Health Agency provides sample code to assist software development and integration with the Healthcare Identifiers Service and the My Health Record system. Most sample code is available in .NET and Java. To see the full list, please visit the eHealth Reference Platform section on the Australian Digital Health Agency website or GitHub. Read more....

My Health Record Detailed Functionality

To enable the uploading of clinical documents and the viewing of a patient's My Health Record, the following functionality and supporting material is recommended.

Integrating Diagnostic Imaging Software with My Health Record

High Level Scope

The software will enable the upload of pathology or diagnostic imaging reports to the My Health Record system, and the viewing of the My Health Record system by authorised representatives of the diagnostic services organisations. This means that the software should:

  • Integrate to the HI Service for the purpose of sourcing and validating healthcare identifiers;
  • Support the use of NASH digital credentials for the purpose of authentication to the My Health Record system;


Diagnostic Services Project Plans and Status Reports

We have created the following templates to assist you in achieving a successful project outcome. While they are based on our experience in project of this type, we can't guarantee their completeness or relevance to your organisation.