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  • Australia’s first electronic prescription in primary care was successfully transmitted in Anglesea, Victoria on May 6 2020.
  • This involved testing the end to end process from generation of the electronic prescription by a general practitioner, provision of its associated token digitally to a consumer, supply of medicines via a pharmacy and subsequent PBS claim.
  • The implementation of any new software requires initial testing in real environments to confirm not only the technical functionality of the software, but also that it is fit for purpose for the health professionals and the consumers that will use the end product.
  • Software providers already have established sites that they routinely use for this testing. Importantly for electronic prescribing, testing of the end-to-end process requires collaboration and coordination across all participating software providers. The Australian Digital Health Agency and Department of Health are assisting in this collaboration and coordination.
  • Using these test sites, at least one general practice and at least one community pharmacy in a proximal location will set-up an electronic prescribing active implementation area (AIA). AIAs are expected to grow as more providers gain electronic prescribing capability.  Anglesea in Victoria is the first active implementation area.
  • Over June 2020, further active implementation areas will be established to ensure the various combinations of prescription delivery services, prescribe, dispense, and third-party intermediary applications integrate smoothly and provide a future seamless electronic prescription experience for Australians.
  • Any software participating in an active implementation area must first be conformant to the electronic prescribing conformance framework and have its conformance identifier registered on the electronic prescribing conformance register. Software providers should contact state and territory regulators to advise them of their intention to use electronic prescribing capability in their jurisdiction.

Software developers can download the technical framework documents and access technical support for electronic prescribing via the Agency’s Developer Centre Website:

Please contact [email protected] for further information.