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Electronic Prescribing – Frequently Asked Questions

The following Electronic Prescribing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are categorised into the following topics: General, Dispensing and Technical Questions along with a Glossary and links to more information. 

My Health Record Portal Operator Registration Form (PORF) Instructions

This form is for mobile app developers to enable you to:

  • apply to the System Operator of the My Health Record system to have your organisation registered as a registered portal operator under the My Health Records Act 2012 (Cth); and
  • request access to the My Health Record Test Environment for your proposed application (app).

For further information about connecting with the My Health Record system, please refer to the App Vendor Guide to the Connection Process, which is distributed as part of the Welcome Pack for developers using the FHIR®[1] Gateway of the My Health Record system.

Secure Messaging Industry Offer - FAQs

The following frequently asked questions relate to the Secure Messaging Industry Offer webinars. Items a categorised into the following topics: Provider Directory Service, Local Address Book, Message Payloads, NASH PKI Organisation Certificates and Testing.

My Health Record Initial Registration

Please follow these steps to register your software product with the My Health Record system vendor (SVT) test environment. This is applicable for new products connections or conformant software enhancements.

My Health Record Usability Guidelines

It is recommended that the following usability guidelines, referenced in the My Health Record Usability Recommendations on the Agency website, be considered

My Health Record Views

There is a requirement that authorised users of the diagnostics services (pathology or DI) system have the capability to view patient information in the My Health Record system.

My Health Record Detailed Functionality

To enable the uploading of clinical documents and the viewing of a patient's My Health Record, the following functionality and supporting material is recommended.