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Issue: Test myGov authentication endpoint does not present valid certificate

The certificate presented by the test myGov authentication endpoint is not signed by a valid Certificate Authority. When you first authenticate to the test myGov server with your test patient credentials, your browser may warn you of non-private connection. You have to proceed to enter your credentials in order to authenticate the test patient.

Environment: Test (SVT) 

The production endpoint is signed by a valid Certificate Authority.

Issue: ​myGov certificate error.

Vendors testing the MyGov Authentication Protocol (MAP) flow receive an error that test.auth.my.gov.au site is using an untrusted certificate, issued by CSD-QA-ROOT-CA.

Error message: “CSD-QA-ROOT-CA” certificate is not trusted

The MAP flow is applied to API versions 2.0.0 and above. The same behaviour is noticed in the test web portal: test.my.gov.au.

API version: 2.0.0

Environment: Test (SVT)


Vendors following the MAP flow in SVT will need to accept this risk in the browser and then continue to the myGov sign in page.

Issue: ​FinancialExplanationOfBenefit transactions

An Unexpected service exception occurred is error occurring for the following Mobility transactions for PBS/MBS records created prior to 2014:

  • FinancialExplanationOfBenefit-PBS
  • FinancialExplanationOfBenefit-MBS

Error message: PCEHR_ERROR_9978: Client authentication failed

PBS/MBS records prior to 2014 did not require a time zone. As a time zone is now mandatory, this is causing transaction failures for all PBS/MBS records that are being called and do not meet this requirement (time zone required) in Production.

API version: 2.0.0

Environment: Test (SVT) and production


GET ExplanationOfBenefit API has a query parameter named ‘created’, where you need to provide the start date and end date values. Example - created=le2020-04-07&created=ge2010-02-10. If a consumer faces this issue, they should try reducing the date range of documents so the start date is from 2014, to prevent older documents from being returned.