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The detailed specifications for all clinical documents are available from the Agency's website at: 

The most relevant document specifications for Diagnostics Services are listed in the table below. Navigate to the specifications from the link above using the name in Column 1 of the table. The document that should be used as the starting point for navigating the specifications is referenced in the third column - "Start Here" - version numbers will change, but the current document will follow this naming convention.

Document Package
Start Here
Common - Clinical Document Specifications, guidance and associated collateral applicable to all types of clinical documents.

Clinical Documents - Common Conformance Profile v 1.6

eHealth Pathology Report

eHealth pathology reports can be used to share information about one or more pathology tests.

eHealth Pathology Report - My Health Record end product v1.2.2
eHealth Diagnostic Imaging Report eHealth diagnostic imaging reports can be used to share information about one or more diagnostic imaging examinations. eHealth Diagnostic Imaging Report end product v1.2.2