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It is recommended that the following usability guidelines, referenced in the My Health Record Usability Recommendations on the Agency website, be considered: (Click on the Green Button to download the document).


The relevant sections are:

Locating and accessing My Health Record system functions CLD.26, CLD.29, CLD.30
Document list usability guidelines

CLD.31, CLD.32, CLD.33, CLD.35, CLD.36, CLD.37, CLD.38, CLD.39, CLD.40, CLD.41, CLD.42, CLD.43, CLD.44, CLD.45, CLD.46, CLD.47, CLD.50, CLD.51, CLD.52, CLD.53, CLD.54, CLD.55, CLD.81, CLD.87, CLD.92, CLD.96, CLD.99, CLD.100

Note: Exemption is provided for CLD.83, CLD.84. These do not need to be implemented.

Shared health summary display requirements

 CLD.88, CLD.90

Note: CLD.89 is optional for your implementation.