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Secure Messaging Industry Offer

The purpose of this page is to provide guidance to developers who are implementing the new interoperability standards for secure messaging thus enabling clinical information systems (CISs) and secure messaging (SM) systems to find healthcare providers as well as accurately address and securely exchange standards-based messages.

Provider Directory Service & Message Payload Developer Guide

This document is intended to provide practical implementation guidance to developers who are enabling clinical information systems (CISs) and secure messaging (SM) systems to securely exchange standards-based messages. This document can be downloaded here: 
​ [Updated 8 May 2020]​​

How to test your implementation

How to connect to the test environments and receive test certificates

Supporting Resources

  • Australian Profile for Provider Directory Services
    • This guide covers capability requirements of FHIR® services to implement a set of profiles and support interfaces in an Australian context for the purpose of implementation of provider directory services.
    • http://hl7.org.au/fhir/pd/pd2/​

Message Payload
NB: Clarifications and minor updates to the REF-I12 and RRI-I12 specifications have been made by the HL7 Australia Orders & Observations (O&A) Working Group. These will affect SMIO participants. The list of updates can be found in the following spreadsheet: 
https://developer.digitalhealth.gov.au/sites/default/files/dh-3816-2020-hl7-oando-group-decisions-impacting-smio-v1.0.xlsx​ [Added 8 May 2020]​

Clinical Documents 

  • Common Conformance Profile v1.7
    This document provides conformance requirements applicable to all types of clinical documents. This includes references to other documents containing additional normative content.
  • eReferral v1.4
    An eReferral facilitates the seamless exchange of significant patient information from one treating healthcare provider to another.
  • Specialist Letter v1.3
    Specialist Letter documents are used in replying to a referral or reporting on a health event and contain information related to the event or the requested diagnosis or treatment by a specialist.
  • eDischarge Summary v1.5​
    eDischarge Summary supports the transfer of a patient from the hospital to their primary physician

Development and Testing Support

To find out more about Secure Messaging visit the Secure Messaging product guide.