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Can we search for a HPI-I using a doctor's provider or prescriber number? 
No, To retrieve a providers HPI-I you will require the following,

1. Clinician demographics (name, sex, dob)

2a. Identifier (AHPRA number, HPI-I)

2b. Clinician address (Australian street address, postal address, international address)

Will there be any requirement for software vendors to go back to IV&V for the change from Medicare Site Cert to a NASH cert for IHI lookups?
Conformant Software Providers who already have access to the HI Service will not be required to undertake HI Service Notice of Connection (NOC) or Compliance, Conformance and Accreditation (CCA) again for making the above changes. Existing testing requirements may apply for other functionality changes.

A successful HI Service and My Health Record connection request and response is sufficient for connection testing. For secure messaging transactions, Software Providers should verify successful transactions. For any errors/failures, requests for assistance can be made to [email protected].

Are there any plans to modernise your systems, for example, to use a JSON web API (like Medicare are doing with their new system)?
Moving the MHR system to JSON has not been factored into the current work plan. However new work in the Secure Messaging project is using modern frameworks such as JSON and FHIR.

Why does an IHI need to be revalidated?
The status of an IHI may change over time, e.g. from Active to Deceased, Resolved, etc. More than one IHI can also exist for the same patient due to administrative errors. In this case the HI Service will resolve one IHI to the correct IHI.  We recommend that your system revalidates an IHI over a period of time that is configurable by the user. We suggest a default period of 48hours.

Are HPI-Is linked to HPI-Os at the MHR end? (i.e. does MHR know which HPI-Is work at which HPI-Os)? 
By default, HPI-Is are not linked to HPI-Os.

A provider organisation can link HPI-Is to their HPI-O via HPOS. This is only required if the provider is accessing the MHR via the National Provider Portal.

If the provider is accessing the MHR via a CIS that is MHR conformant, then linking a HPI-I to a HPI-O is not required. In this case the HPI-I is inserted in the webservice call.

If  software is certified to upload document of one conformance level, can it upload mixed formats (i.e. 1A, 3A)?
Software is certified for the minimum level of conformance. For example, if your software is capable of uploading 3A structured content however you are only certified for 1B documents. You can upload the document in 3A, but it must be labelled as 1B.

Can getDocumentList return a filtered list, for example the last 20 documents.

The getDocumentList can be filtered by date range and document type. It cannot specify a number of most recent documents. There is no pagination functionality.

Do clinical documents each have a unique ID? 
Yes, each document has a global unique identifier known as a document ID. If the document is superseded, a new document ID within the same set will be created.

What format is a Medicines View displayed in, a PDF, HTML or a URL online view? 
Medicines view returns a CDA, the Agency provides a XSLT style sheet that will transform this CDA into HTML. If preferred, you can then render this into HTML with an in-frame web browser. 

Is caching possible or is there a timestamp we can use to identify changes to records? 
There is no webservice to identify the last change to a patient’s record.

Strategic use of caching may be used. As an example, cache logic could be applied over the results from the getDocumentList. Or a cache event could be triggered when the patient presents to the front counter.

Can we implement a custom view? Are we required to develop the default views?
The view service offers some standard views. There is no opportunity to craft a customer view, e.g. combining views in one payload. The Agency has some minimum guidelines on rendering views. However, you don’t have to use our stylesheet and you can augment them as you need.

Can you request a historical view for evidentiary purposes? 
MHR does not have capability to do a place and time search, i.e. ‘what did the patients MHR look like on this date’.

What is the source of the Pathology and Diagnostic imaging data? Does it come from GPs/specialists, or just the labs themselves? Do we ever upload path data?
Data in Pathology and Diagnostic Imaging Views are directly uploaded from the laboratories. A CIS can upload Path and DI data in a Specialist Letter or other document types, however this data would not be available in the Pathology and Diagnostic Imaging Views. The Pathology and Diagnostic Imaging Views only display reports uploaded by the laboratories.

Is the atomisation of the pathology and diagnostic data coded with LOINC or SNOMED? 
No, the pathology and diagnostic information is presented in a PDF and not a structured format. Only the ‘pathology type’ uses semi coded data. This is uploaded in whichever format the laboratory is using.