Goals of Care v1.0 Released



The Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) has published the specifications for the new Goals of Care v1.0 document type.

The Goals of Care clinical document type is used to capture advance care information in alignment with Western Australia’s Goals of Patient Care Summary documents.

This specification was developed as part of the Agency's National Goals of Care Collaborative project.


A Goals of Care document clarifies treatment outcomes or limitations for an individual during an episode of care. This document is completed by a healthcare provider in consultation with the individual concerned. A goals of care document that has been uploaded to an individual's My Health Record will be listed in the 'Advance Care Planning Overview' page, which can be accessed via the navigation menu.

The Goals of Care end product leverages the technical specifications for the Advance Care Planning document type. Goals of Care documents represent a sub-type of Advance Care Planning documents.

Goals of Care documents can include a statement related to a person’s care in the context of a serious illness, as agreed between him/her, his/her family, carers and healthcare team, i.e. high-quality discussions about what is important to them, promote good decision-making and patient-centred care. Goals of care cover many steps in healthcare decision-making, including decisions about specific treatments, the intensity of care and even planning for future care needs (advance care directive).

Who does this affect?

  • Developers of clinical information systems

Actions for software developers

All clinical information systems displaying information from the My Health Record system need to ensure that any new document types can be accessed by their users.

Lists of document types for selection by users need to include new document types once supported by the My Health Record system. The Agency recommends including the Goals of Care document type in any default list of document types.

The table below lists the Class Code and Type Code for Goals of Care documents. Also included are the codes for the existing Advance Care Planning document type. Both document types share the same class code, while still having different type codes.

Class Code Type Code ClassCode DisplayName TypeCode DisplayName
100.16975 100.16998 Advance Care Information Advance Care Planning Document
100.16975 100.32016 Advance Care Information Goals of Care Document

More Information

For a more detailed description of the end product, its components and sample Goals of Care documents, please refer to the Release Note.

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