Medicare Records v1.0 - FHIR Implementation Guide



The Australian Digital Health Agency is pleased to announce the release of:

Medicare Records v1.0

The FHIR Implementation Guide specifies the format of FHIR-based representations of Medicare documents that is used for the upload of such documents into the My Health Record system. It includes FHIR profiles defining the representation of:

  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS) claim items;
  • Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) claim items;
  • Australian Organ Donor Register records;
  • Australian Immunisation Register records.

The Medicare Records FHIR Implementation Guide was developed in support of the Medicare Document Simplification work package for My Health Record system release v9.3.

The Medicare Records FHIR Implementation Guide (DH-2738:2018) is available in two formats:

More information:

Who does this affect? 

  • National Infrastructure Operator (NIO)
  • Commonwealth Department of Human Services


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