Medicines View Optimisation



The Medicines View Optimisation aims to reduce duplication by enhancing the interoperability between PBS - and AMT- coded items as well as enhancing existing grouping and ‘Differs Advisory’ logic. This will also enable form and/or strength change advisories to be provided based on AMT codes rather than relying on PBS codes alone which may no longer be present. All changes have been implemented on the back-end logic and will have no impact on the User Interface. This will be released as part of the My Health Record Release 11 currently scheduled to go-live in early March 2020.

Who does this affect?

Developers of software that already has access to the My Health Record system may use the scheduled time to determine the impact of new interoperability map between PBS and AMT codes.   A test patient has been provided to highlight the matching of dispensing records when they have been supplied with different code systems for the same dispensing event. In order to observe the impact of this change, developers need to snapshot the results while the R8 code base is still in effect in SVT (i.e. now) and re-do the snapshot in SVT between 6th to 17th of January.

The Software Vendor Testing environment is scheduled between 6th and 17th of January 2020 so developers are encouraged to utilise the testing schedule time.

Who will be benefited?

Healthcare organisations that use the My Health Record viewing functionality in Clinical Information Systems (CIS) and National Provider Portal (NPP).

Optional action

 Feel free to utilise the scheduled testing time.

Generic Clinical Document Style Sheet

The latest style sheet can be obtained here:

Testing patients in SVT with dispense records in Medicines view:

The following test patient is for viewing only, please do not upload any documents to this patient. The test data provided on this patient has been selected to exercise the updated Medicines View Grouping and ‘Differs Advisory’ logic.

IHI: 8003608833577489 
DOB: 11/08/1992 
Sex: Male 
Address: 113 Glider Gr, BROADFORD, VIC, 3658 
Medicare: 3951075281 
IRN: 1

More information

If you would like more information please contact our support team please email [email protected] or call 1300 901 001.

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