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Please refer to SNOMED CT-AU - Common v1.6 or refer to the Release History for all releases of this End Product.


This end product contains implementation collateral relating to multiple SNOMED CT-AU releases. Additional information and support material, including content request submissions, publishing third party derivatives and registering for a licence is available from the SNOMED CT-AU Support Material page of this website.

This material includes SNOMED Clinical Terms™ (SNOMED CT®) which is used by permission of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO). All rights reserved. SNOMED CT® was originally created by The College of American Pathologists. "SNOMED" and "SNOMED CT" are registered trademarks of the IHTSDO, (http://www.ihtsdo.org/). Additional collateral for use that is common to both SNOMED CT-AU and AMT is also available from the AMT v3 Model - Common end product. This includes:

  • Australian Medicines Terminology v3 Model - Technical Implementation Guide
  • Clinical Terminology - Guidance for Use of Medical Nomenclatures in Information Exchange
  • Clinical Terminology - Guidance for Use in Healthcare Software
  • Clinical Terminology - Guidance for People and Processes
  • Clinical Terminology - Test Cases for Software and Messaging  
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NCTIS - Development Approach For Reference Sets v2.0


This document describes the development approach used in creating reference sets for use by the National Clinical Terminology and Information Service (NCTIS) community of practice.

The reference sets have been developed by NCTIS within the Agency.

Monday, 30 Nov 2015
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