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The Secure Messaging Integration Toolkit contains libraries for B2B connectivity to Secure Message Delivery (SMD) and Endpoint Location Services (ELS), providing sample code for all operations, as well as a Medical Document Management (MDM) library to create the payload for SMD. It also includes secure messaging conformance test tools, which support the Australian Technical Specification for Secure Message Delivery (ATS 5822-2010).

The sample code and integration tools provided here should only be used in conjunction with the Agency’s detailed specifications for clinical documents and messaging infrastructure. More information can be found in the relevant sections of Implementation Resources.


The Australian Digital Health Agency has chosen GitHub as its collaboration tool to allow developers to more readily access, contribute to the development of, and to collaborate with others in the developer community on our code libraries and selected resources.

The Australian Digital Health Agency code libraries and links to resources can be found here: https://github.com/AuDigitalHealth

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Associated components

HL7 MDM Library - Product Data Sheet v1.1


The HL7 MDM Client Library provides vendors with a sample implementation of how to create and populate an HL7 v2 MDM message using the information within a CDA package as the input. The library also works in reverse, allowing the CDA package to be extracted out of the message.

Tuesday, 11 Mar 2014

HL7 MDM Library - .NET Sample Code v1.0.8


This version of the HL7™MDM Client Library provides internal optimisations and performance improvements. These changes do not affect the functionality or interfaces of the MDM Library.


Friday, 01 Jun 2018

Secure Messaging Integration Toolkit - Release Note v1.2.5


Version 1.2.5 of the Secure Messaging Integration Toolkit provides an update of the Secure Messaging Conformance Test Tools – Software Package to include updated National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) test certificates.

Friday, 01 Jun 2018
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