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Release 1.0.2
December 2018
January 2019
This document specifies requests and responses for Verification of Product Identifiers, especially for pharmaceuticals. In health care, a combination of the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and Serial Number is often used to create a unique product instance identifier, and the Lot or Batch Number and Expiry Date are included as data attributes of that identifier. This standard is intended to provide a simple standardised lightweight messaging framework to define verification questions and corresponding responses to enable decisions to accept, reject or quarantine a product instance, based on the authentication check of the product identifier and associated data.

Main sections:

• Verification of Product Identifiers for pharmaceuticals

• Positioning within the GS1 architecture

• Relationship to EPCIS

• Relationship to GS1 Digital Link

• Security considerations

• Connectivity requests, with an example of a JSON connectivity test

• Verification requests

• Verification responses, with examples of a JSON verification response

• Open API schema (including JSON) for verification request and response
Access GS1 Lightweight Messaging Standard for Verification of Product Identifiers v1.0.2

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