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Release 1.2
September 2017
This document describes the electronic data interchange (EDI) processes of the GS1 business process model for supply chain in health care. The document describes each business process and provides its specifications, including how the business documents are used in the business process and the information needed to implement and use the business process. The framework of the model is described in another document: ‘GS1 Model for Supply Chain Processes in Healthcare, Part I - Framework Guideline’. The supply chain process model seeks to support standardisation of business processes across different organisations in the healthcare supply chain, including in areas such as product identification and barcoding, master data synchronisation, ordering, delivery and invoicing processes as well as logistics processes.

Main sections:

• Order to cash business process

• Consignment stock business process

• Synchronise party information

• Synchronise contract information

• Synchronise trade item information

• Synchronise price information

• Replenish consignment stock

• Use items in consignment stock

• Perform stock reconciliation

• Place order

• Deliver

• Issue invoice

• Pay invoice

• Issue credit note

• Describing a business process

• Receipt of business document and exception handling

• Overview of business document specifications and mapping specifications
Access GS1 Model for Supply Chain Processes in Healthcare, Part II - EDI Guideline v1.2

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