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LOINC Users’ Guide Section 12 G
June 2020
This document is part of Section 12 G of the Users’ Guide for LOINC. LOINC is an international standard for identifying health measurements, observations and documents such as laboratory and clinical test results.

Section 12 of the Users’ Guide provides information to help users of LOINC make the best use of the standard. Section 12 G contains 11 technical briefs that have been developed for various LOINC terms to clarify either the meaning, current nomenclature or use case of a given term. This brief is about oxygen saturation and LOINC.

Main sections:

• Oxygen saturation

• NCCLS 46-A defines the two as follows:

• When there are no dyshemoglobins present (the usual situation), sO₂ = FO₂Hb

• Oxygen saturation obtained by measuring pH and pO₂

• Three principal classes of oximetry

• Instruments used for pulse and hemoximetry

• Instruments used for co-oximetry
Access LOINC Users’ Guide: 12 G – LOINC Technical Briefs: Oxygen Saturation and LOINC v2020

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