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LOINC Users’ Guide Section 12
August 2023
This document is the twelfth section of the Users’ Guide for LOINC. LOINC is an international standard for identifying health measurements, observations and documents such as laboratory and clinical test results.

Section 12 provides information to help users of LOINC make the best use of the standard. This overview includes how to map local panels to a LOINC panel.

Main sections:

• Business rules for users mapping their local panels to LOINC panels

• Examples of applying the business rules for users mapping their local panels to LOINC panels

• Querying LOINC and creating intensional value set definitions based on LOINC database structure

• The code system for identifiers assigned by LOINC

• LOINC term names in HL7 messages

• Updating to new versions of LOINC

• Using URIs to identify LOINC artifacts
Access LOINC Users’ Guide: 12 – Recommendations for best practices in using and mapping to LOINC v2023

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