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Electronic Prescribing

Electronic prescribing provides an option for prescribers and their patients to have a digital prescription as an alternative to a paper prescription. Electronic prescribing is not mandatory, and patients and prescribers will be able to choose an electronic or a paper version of their prescription.

Pharmacist Shared Medicines List (PSML)

The Pharmacist Shared Medicines List (PSML) is a new clinical document type supported by the My Health Record system. 

The PSML contains detailed information about medicines the consumer is known to be taking when the list was created.

Electronic Transfer of Prescription

Electronic Transfer of Prescription (ETP) involves the creation of an electronic message (alongside a legal paper prescription) which is transmitted to a prescription exchange service (PES).

Dispense Records

Dispense Records are used to transfer details of a dispense record, in a format suitable for sharing within My Health Record.

Dispense Records in the Australian context

Electronic Prescribing v2.1


Electronic Prescribing - Technical Framework documents

These technical framework documents are provided to software vendors and demonstrate what will be required to enable electronic prescribing. These technical documents are:

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