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All SNOMED CT-AU and AMT resources, including implementation collateral, are now available to download from the document library on the National Clinical Terminology Service website.

This toolkit provides a short introduction or ‘quick start’ reference for developers wishing to work with SNOMED CT-AU Reference Sets (Refsets). It includes sample applications built on Oracle’s Java platform and built on the Microsoft .NET Framework that demonstrate importing and using reference sets.

This document provides details of the Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) concept model, and information on the core business use cases that AMT is designed to support as part of clinical processes within the context of healthcare provision.

It explains what the AMT product is, why it exists, which components can be used to achieve certain use cases, and the scope and limitations of AMT content and the AMT as a terminology product.

This document will help readers assess the suitability of the AMT for their needs.


This document mentions the NPDR.

Please note: the National Prescription and Dispense Repository or NPDR was decommissioned in December 2016. My Health Record repository services are currently provided through the National Repositories Service or NRS.

The NRS stores a minimum critical set of health information about registered individuals, including shared health summaries, event summaries, discharge summaries, eReferrals, specialist letters, prescribed and dispensed medications, pathology reports, diagnostic imaging reports and healthcare recipient-only notes.

The My Health Record System Operator operates the NRS.

You can or register to download Concept Model and Business Use Cases v2.0 PDF

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