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Welcome to the Digital Health Standards Catalogue

The Digital Health Standards Catalogue provides easy access to and simple explanations of the standards that support the ongoing digital transformation of the Australian healthcare sector. 

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About the standards catalogue

Digital health standards enable different systems and applications to communicate and exchange data securely and reliably across the Australian healthcare system.  

This catalogue aims to consolidate all the relevant national and international standards and provide a single source of truth for developers, implementers, and users of digital health solutions. This will help drive more connected and coordinated healthcare in Australia. 

The Standards Catalogue:

  • facilitates and strengthens awareness and knowledge of national digital health specifications and standards
  • enables healthcare provider organisations to incorporate relevant specifications in their digital health solution procurements
  • helps software creators developing or enhancing digital health solutions to easily find technical specifications and standards relevant to national digital health priorities
  • ensures consistent, accurate, and reusable health-related data can be easily shared across a connected healthcare system by patients, consumers, families, and clinicians.

About digital health standards


The Agency leads the curation of the standards catalogue working closely with the standards community. Future expansions will provide curated content focused on use cases and functional workflows.

Developing the standards catalogue


As part of the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the standards catalogue, the community is encouraged to provide requests for additional standards as well as feedback on existing standards. These additions will assist identifying areas of development that are needed.

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