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A set of scripts, which import the AMT v3 beta data into a relational database (MySQL). These scripts and resultant database are intended as an AMT v3 distribution format learning aid.

Contained within this release is a collection of SQL scripts which are intended to provide a starting point for loading and working with AMT v3 in a relational database environment. Note: These scripts are not a suggested implementation or a base for implementation. Their purpose is as an aid to learning AMT v3's release format and data structures. As such the database schema mirrors the release file structure. Collectively, these scripts illustrate how to:

  • create a MySQL database schema into which the AMT v3 RF2 release files can be loaded;
  • create a set of useful database views and procedures to simplify querying the imported AMT v3 data; and
  • write queries which utilise the AMT v3 model to retrieve the necessary data to implement the primary AMT v3 use cases.

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