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This product assists software vendors with implementing the Clinical Information System to National Provider Portal (CIS to NPP) interface implementation.

The NPP is a web portal that allows provider-only access to a consumer’s My Health Record. It is important to understand that this portal has a small number of features that are not available in the patient access portal. The most notable feature is the immediate access to uploaded pathology and diagnostic imaging reports, where the consumer portal introduces a 7-day delay.

Before the introduction of this CIS to NPP solution, the only method of accessing the NPP was either via a PRODA account or with an individual NASH certificate embedded into a USB device. In both cases the provider was then required to manually enter the consumer’s Medicare number, DVA number or IHI number plus family name, date of birth and gender to access that individual’s My Health Record.

The new CIS to NPP solution improves on the above methods by allowing a clinical information system to use an organisation’s HPI-O NASH certificate and providing the ability for the CIS to pass the patient’s context to the NPP via a JSON Web Token. This allows a single HPI-O certificate to be used by many providers within a single CIS and eliminates the risk of transcription errors while saving the provider’s time by avoiding the need to type in the consumer’s details.

Furthermore, for software vendors, the CIS to NPP interface provides a relatively simple solution that will enable My Health Record viewing within their product. Being a web-based portal, this approach will provide an evolving and up-to-date My Health Record viewing experience to its customers. Vendors seeking the advanced features of the My Health Record system such as uploading clinical content and pulling down atomic clinical data in line with in their own applications are still advised to integrate with the My Health Record Business to Business (B2B) interfaces, which provide the full capabilities of the My Health Record system.

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