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This incremental release of the Common - Clinical Document end product provides updates to the following product components:

  • Conformance Test Specification for CDA Packaging
  • Template Package Directory

Version 1.5 of the Conformance Test Specification for CDA Packaging provides clarifications for many of the test cases, improves the readability of the document, and adds a number of test cases in support of recently published CDA packaging-related conformance requirements.

Version 1.5 of the Template Package Directory includes references to updated template packages for:

  • eHealth Diagnostic Imaging Report v1.1
  • eHealth Pathology Report v1.1

You can or register to download Release Note v1.3.1 PDF

Checksum: 0f757241b1b65a155562b34d9e757a44cb9c1200645d59aa8c8c1b6e340954b7

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