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This release of the eHealth Dispense Record end product introduces support for Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) version 3 codes for therapeutic goods.

In previous releases, codes for the identification of therapeutic goods needed to be sourced from AMT version 2 and PBS code sets only. This limitation has been removed in this release, allowing document producers to also include codes from AMT version 3.


This document mentions the NPDR.

Please note: the National Prescription and Dispense Repository or NPDR was decommissioned in December 2016. My Health Record repository services are currently provided through the National Repositories Service or NRS.

The NRS stores a minimum critical set of health information about registered individuals, including shared health summaries, event summaries, discharge summaries, eReferrals, specialist letters, prescribed and dispensed medications, pathology reports, diagnostic imaging reports and healthcare recipient-only notes.

The My Health Record System Operator operates the NRS.

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