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This release introduces updates to the conformance profile for eHealth Prescription and Dispense View documents, as mandated by approved change request CCB-0314. This change request mandated that the rendering of eHealth Prescription and Dispense View documents conforms to the PCEHR Prescription and Dispense View Presentation Guide, in alignment with advice and guidance already provided to and adopted by the sector.

The template package library has been introduced as a new product component.

‘PCEHR Prescription and Dispense View’ has been changed to ‘eHealth Prescription and Dispense View’. This is reflected in the name of this end product and the names of its new or updated product components. Names of other product components will be adjusted on their next update.

NOTE: The style sheets previously available in this end product are now available in the Clinical Documents Integration Toolkit


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Checksum: 82b236c18ce158e4bb967b482722af8a0ce5f27c5505138e4a35d51cf0d70bca

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