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All products developed, or updated, to connect with the Healthcare Identifiers Service (HI) Service are required to undergo testing before production access is granted.

There are two mandatory testing processes that you will need to complete:

1. Healthcare Identifiers Notice of Connection (HI NoC) Testing

HI NOC testing is conducted by the HI Service System Operator – Services Australia - using the HI Service Test data received upon software registration with the Services Australia.

Testing is organised via Health Systems  Developer Portal:

  •  Click on ‘View Certification’ in the ‘Certification’ tile. This takes the developer to the Developer Testing and Support System (DTSS) page.
  • Under the heading ‘Integration Testing’, click on the ‘Untested’ tab and then select Apply for Certification for the application you wish to undertake testing for.
  •  Fill in all required fields on this screen and press Submit.

The developer will then be contacted by the Product Integration testing team to discuss their NOC testing.

For further assistance with HI NOC testing, please contact [email protected]

2. Healthcare Identifiers Conformance Testing

The HI Service Conformance testing ensures that the software supports the safe implementation and use of healthcare identifiers in clinical environments. The specifications and conformance tests were developed by the Agency in consultation with the digital health industry.

The HI Service Conformance testing is conducted by ADHA Conformance test team. To commence:

2a. HI Conformance test specification 

Developers should have completed their own self-assessment using the:  

Healthcare Identifiers Service - Support Documents - Conformance Test Specification v3.3 prior to undertaking HI Service Conformance testing with the Australian Digital Health Agency.

The Agency testing team can also assist with pre-screening the completed Conformance Test specifications results. Please send the completed document to [email protected].

2b. Healthcare Identifiers test data

Test data required for completing the HI Service test specification can be downloaded below:

Note that they are to be used for the sole purpose of the Conformance testing for the: 

Healthcare Identifiers Service - Support Documents v1.4 and the Healthcare Identifiers Service - Support Documents - Conformance Test Specification v3.3

Please use the test data sent by Services Australia Developer Support for HI Service NOC and other testing.

3. HI Service Conformance Declaration

Upon successful completion of testing, the Agency will issue a declaration of conformity for your software. A signed copy and the test summary report will be submitted to Services Australia to request production access to the HI Service.

4. Go Live

Production access to the Healthcare Identifiers system will be granted for your software within two weeks of submitting documentation to Services Australia.

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