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Welcome to your conformance journey to integrate your hospital and laboratory systems with national digital health infrastructure through implementing HIPS.

HIPS Conformance Journey

Whilst each HIPS implementation is unique relevant to the organisation’s needs, local system setup and desired outcomes, the conformance process broadly contains 6 steps for all implementations:

  • Prepare
  • Get Started
  • Develop
  • Test
  • Declare conformance
  • Gain production access

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding HIPS or HIPS Conformance.

To request access to the HIPS Collaborate space please email [email protected]

(NOTE: If you have not registered on this site you will need to first "Create new account" prior to requesting access to the HIPS Collaborate space.)

Once you have access to the HIPS Collaborate space, please refer to the Welcome Pack and you may like to request access to the HIPS Support Portal managed by Chamonix on behalf of the Agency.


  1. Select HIPS as your preferred solution - visit: Healthcare Information Provider Service (HIPS)  for information about HIPS
  2. Understand and define your scope, workflows and outcomes required. Consider timeframe, resourcing and any mandatory requirements. You may like to create a design document and workflow.
  3. Contact the Agency to share your interest in implementing HIPS by emailing [email protected] 

Get Started

  1. Register with the Digital Health Portal here. Once registered request access to the HIPS Collaborate space by emailing [email protected] 
  2. Review the HIPS Welcome Pack and access relevant HIPS documentation available from the HIPS Collaborate space.
  3. Share your scope, design and workflows with the Agency. This is usually requested prior to an onboarding virtual meeting. 


  1. Start your HIPS integration.
  2. Email [email protected] with any support questions


  1. Complete and submit initial conformance documentation which might include a Vendor Product Details form and gain access to the testing environment
  2. Undertake internal testing. 

Declare conformance

  1. Complete self assessment.
  2. Provide test evidence. This might include observed testing sessions or the provision of XML request and response files, depending on the nature and scope of your HIPS implementation.
  3. Declare conformance. Once you have successfully passed testing and completed in house testing, please complete and submit your Conformance and Compliance Declaration form.

Gain Production Access

  1. If approved, you will receive a production access letter and be granted production access.
  2. Move from testing into production.