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For access to the Collaborate Portal please email [email protected] or call 1300 901 001.


For access to the Collaborate Portal please email [email protected] or call 1300 901 001.

The HIPS Document Authoring Adapter (DAA) is an optional add-on component for sites running HIPS v8.3 or higher, which exposes webservices for authoring CDA documents and uploading these via the existing HIPS installation. The adapter is intended to alleviate the burden of creating CDA documents from information sourced from local clinical information systems. It is released as an add-on component so that future upgrades are not tied to specific releases of the HIPS Core product wherever possible.

DAA v1.0 is the first release of the adapter and provides a SOAP webservice that enables the creation and upload of Specialist Letter Level 1A CDA documents, including support for Specialist Letter subtypes.

Key features of the adaptor are:

  • Creation and upload of Level 1A CDA Specialist Letter documents.
    Integrators may supply a request to DAA comprising a specialist letter in PDF format along with associated metadata. DAA will create a Level 1A Specialist Letter from these inputs and upload this via the existing HIPS installation.
  • Support for document revision by uploading superseding versions.
    New versions of documents may be uploaded as superseding documents. DAA accepts inputs allowing the caller to identify the document set to supersede. 
  • Multiple uploads per episode of care.
    There is no restriction on how many different letters may be uploaded for each episode of care as DAA supports the use of an “originating identifier” for identification of different document sets. 
  • Support for Specialist Letter subtypes.
    The adapter accepts valid specialist letter subtypes as input and makes use of the HIPS v8.3 feature to upload documents with subtypes. 
  • Secure by default with default configuration utilising HTTPS.
    By default the adapter will install with an HTTPS binding. DAA supports the ability to configure the binding and the authentication scheme in use. 
  • Configuration via the HIPS Core Configuration API with settings held in the database.
    DAA retrieves its configuration via the Configuration component in the new HIPS Core APIs (v1.0). Moving forward, all HIPS products will make use of these common APIs rather than having their own methods for configuration.

You can or register to download HIPS Document Authoring Adapter (DAA) v1.0 ZIP

Checksum: 9b4d056485b841670e6c277881e209ccbaf67a09c1e5c15c309ab89ae08199d3