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For access to the Collaborate Portal please email [email protected] or call 1300 901 001.

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HIPS Mobile allows clinicians in the hospital setting to have mobile device access to patient My Health Record information while engaging with patients in ward and bed-side settings or remotely off-site.

Clinicians in public and private hospitals already widely rely on mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) for accessing their patients’ clinical information, so HIPS Mobile will add My Health Record patient data access to their repertoire.

HIPS Mobile v3.0 is the next major release, featuring the following major improvements and defect fixes:

  • Allows connection to multiple Active Directories 
  • Addition of biometric authentication 
  • Login experience improvements 
  • Wildcard search on patient names 
  • Installation process improvements 
  • Data archiving functionality 
  • Security enhancements

You can or register to download HIPS Mobile v3.1 ZIP

Checksum: 2582c794a7830fa7a2d49d5dab548c66bd8e1a29a7a5500def2cdc1e8b8093cf