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HIPS Operational Insights is a diagnostic and operational performance toolset supporting the HIPS system.


  • Connection to Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service and My Health Record (MHR) and identification of any outages
  • Document upload and reasons for document upload failure
  • Message feeds from internal system to your HIPS system
  • Certificate expiry
  • Disk storage capacity on your HIPS system

Operational Performance:

  • At a glance operational insights via an Operational Dashboard
  • Uses Microsoft’s Azure Application Insights
  • Security-centered design with no personal information output
  • Data is held in the cloud hosted by Microsoft in Australian data centers
  • Status updates every 5 minutes but light on HIPS system resources
  • Option to receive alerts by email when site defined thresholds are exceeded
  • Available for HIPS v8.0 and above
  • Please include a side menu with the following sub menus:
    Key features

Types of information that can be referenced on the site dashboard include:-

  • HI Service availability
  • HI Service response times
  • My Health Record System availability
  • My Health Record response times
  • Document upload statistics showing totals by type, supersede, failures
  • Performance of the HIPS queues
  • Available Disk space 
  • Customisable dashboard relevant to your organisation’s needs.

Operational Insights provides two key benefits:

  1. Faster response times to performance issues and the ability to diagnose whether issues are local to your site or also being experienced by other sites indicating an issue with the national system
  2. Notification of potential significant events before they occur through the alerts feature. Alerts can include certificate expiry, lower than acceptable disk space, document upload failure and slower performance.
HIPS alert message

Interested in learning more about HIPS Operational Insights. Please email [email protected] to request more information and a conversation regarding implementing HIPS Operational Insights.