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The Information Quality Rules (IQ Rules) is a tool that helps developers, testers and analysts determine the quality of clinical documents including the conformance of clinical documents to the My Health Record system conformance requirements.

Use of the IQ Rules commenced within the Australian Digital Health Agency (the ‘Agency’) in January 2017. In November 2017 IQ Rules version 1.5.1 was made available to a limited number of vendors so that feedback may be used to improve the IQ Rules before the IQ Rules is published on the Agency’s website. IQ Rules version 1.6 contains many improvements and significant new features and is the first version to be published. IQ Rules version 1.6 operates with version 2.8 of the Clinical Package Validator.

You can or register to download Information Quality Rules v1.6 ZIP

Checksum: cb5f0290f0804aae63f37d699051d7426f616acb604054f50b74614ae55be59f