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From 25 May 2022, software systems connected to the SVT environment must trust the new My Health Record public SSL certificate.

Installation Instructions for Apache

To correctly install your certificate, it is important to configure the server to use the intermediate DigiCertCA.crt file in addition to services_svt_gw_myhealthrecord_gov_au.crt.

Digicert’s online Apache installation guide is available here:

A typical Apache installation will involve configuration lines like these in your <VirtualHost *:443> block:

SSLCertificateFile /your/path/to/services_svt_gw_myhealthrecord_gov_au.crt

SSLCertificateKeyFile /your/path/to/services_svt_gw_myhealthrecord_gov_au.key

SSLCertificateChainFile /your/path/to/DigiCertCA.crt

(The services_svt_gw_myhealthrecord_gov_au.key file refers to the private key which only you control. It was likely generated in the same place where your CSR was created on the day this certificate was ordered.)

After installing your certificate, you can verify that it is correctly installed by using Digicert’s Certificate Testing tool:

If you need additional help or have questions, please use the Digicert live chat or contact their support team 24/7 at +1-801-701-9600.

You can or register to download B2B SVT Certificate v1.0 ZIP

Checksum: d788f69e5829c626d4f12ec4bc6b7d8e01fe208932ed7a746f9d13e052fa15b9