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The Australian Digital Health Agency has developed the following webinar recording for My Health Record B2B Software Developers.

This webinar recording provides an introduction to integrating B2B software with the My Health Record system.

Topics covered include:

  • Foundational information about The Healthcare Identifier (HI) Service including
    • HI Service conformance
  • Foundational information about My Health Record system including
    • My Health Record system services​
    • My Health Record integration
    • My Health Record views
    • My Health Record conformance
  • The National Authentication Service for Health (NASH)
  • How to retrieve an Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI)
  • How to retrieve an Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual (HPI-I)
  • Software types
  • Clinical documents
  • Support and other resources


This introductory webinar recording is aimed at Developers wishing to integrate their B2B software with the My Health Record system.

Additional information:

Additional information:

My Health Record B2B Gateway 

My Health Record FHIR Gateway

You can or register to download My Health Record B2B Webinar Recording v1.0 ZIP

Checksum: f7de1a0b1b7db60ae2ebd1197a91c9fe7ec7cdb75657742f60179707186cbfc0

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