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Note: Preview Copy only.

The purpose of this Agreement is to satisfy the System Operator that the person applying to be a Registered Portal Operator:-complies with the My Health Records Act and Rules, and-agrees to be bound by the conditions of registration outlined in this document.  By entering into this Agreement you are applying for the System Operator to register you as a Registered Portal Operator under section 47 of the My Health Records Act 2012.   The Portal Operator should note that Schedule 1 sets out the permitted functionality of a Portal and restrictions on how System Data may be used. This Agreement comes into effect on the date both parties have executed this Agreement. However, you will not be a Registered Portal Operator, under the My Health Records Act 2012, until you have been registered as one by the System Operator.

For more information use the download link below.

You can or register to download Portal Operator Registration Agreement (Preview Copy) v24022023 PDF

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