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The NASH Organisation Certificate Tracker is a simple tool for listing the expiration dates of NASH PKI Certificates for Healthcare Provider Organisations (NASH certificates). 

Healthcare provider organisations need active NASH certificates to both access the My Health Record system and securely send and receive information via SMD secure messaging services. NASH certificates expire after two years and need to be regularly renewed to ensure ongoing connectivity. 

The Certificate Tracker helps healthcare provider organisations track certificate expiration dates. It retrieves the expiration dates of NASH certificates for any given HPI-O and, optionally, all other HPI-Os within the same HPI-O network. 

This guide outlines the process on how to find out when your certificate has expired, plus how to renew your certificate and more. This product is provided subject to the licence terms included in the Software Package.

You can or register to download NASH Organisation Certificate Tracker v1.0.1 ZIP

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