The National Secure Messaging Network (NSMN) is a secure messaging solution being developed by the Agency and its industry partners.

Quick intro

Based on a set of Australian and international standards, the NSMN defines a messaging solution that can be implemented by clinical information and secure messaging systems to enable secure, reliable, interoperable exchange of clinical documents between Australian healthcare providers. The NSMN solution will be formally defined by a NSMN Conformance Assessment Scheme and governed by a NSMN Governance Committee, both described below. 

NSMN Conformance Assessment Scheme

The NSMN Conformance Assessment Scheme is a set of requirements and conformance assessment documents and processes that underpin the NSMN. It specifies the NSMN solution, and provides the means for parties considering participating in the NSMN to clearly understand how they can do so, the capabilities required of their systems, and how they can demonstrate solution readiness. See the Resources section below for more information.

NSMN Governance Committee

The NSMN Governance Committee is a governing body made up of representatives from industry, government and clinical bodies. The principal responsibility of the NSMN Governance Committee is to execute governance over the NSMN Conformance Assessment Scheme, including baselining and approving all changes to its content, and providing authoritative advice in matters related it.

In executing these responsibilities, the Governance Committee will receive assistance from two bodies:

Secure Messaging Technical Working Group (SMTWG). The SMTWG will have responsibility for authoring the NSMN Conformance Profile and related conformance assessment process documents, and advising the Governance Committee on technical issues related to its content.

Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA). The ADHA will act as the Conformance Evaluation Body that will receive submissions from parties that have undertaken the conformance processes detailed in the NSMN Conformance Assessment Scheme, evaluate the submission, and make determinations regarding product conformance. The ADHA will also maintain a public register of its conformance assessment determinations. The NSMN Governance Committee will oversee the ADHA in carrying out this work.

The Governance Committee will also take an active role in promoting the adoption of the NSMN, and specifically in the identification and removal of "barriers to adoption" (including technical, commercial, policy or others) in order to bring the NSMN to widespread practical use.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating to the National Secure Messaging Network (NSMN)