Pharmacist Shared Medicines List v1.1.1 Released



The Agency has published the specifications for the new Pharmacist Shared Medicines (PSML) document type.

This is the first public release of the PSML specification. Previous releases were made available on a trial basis to limited audiences.

This version of the specification includes support for healthcare provider organisations that have received an exemption from the need to include the document author’s individual healthcare provider identifier (HPI-I).


The Pharmacist Shared Medicines List (PSML) clinical document type fills an important gap in managing the safety of medicines for consumers. PSML documents help ensure the continuity of medicine management for consumers across different care settings.

PSML documents allow pharmacists in both hospital and community pharmacy settings to record the outcome of consumer consultations regarding their current medications for upload to the My Health Record system.

The PSML end product leverages the Core Level One Clinical Document technical specifications. The Core Level One Clinical Document is a CDA™ container for clinical information represented as a PDF document. This end product contains the PSML conformance profile and template package, which constrain the generic container document type and make it specific to the needs of PSML.

This version of the PSML document type supports the upload of medicines lists in PDF format. Future versions will have added support for clinical information as structured CDA content.

Who does this affect?

  • Developers of clinical information systems

Actions for software developers

All clinical information systems displaying information from the My Health Record system need to ensure that any new document types can be accessed by their users.

Lists of document types for selection by users need to include new document types once supported by the My Health Record system. The Agency recommends including the PSML document type in any default list of document types.

The table below lists the Class Code and Type Code for PSML documents.

ClassCode TypeCode ClassCode DisplayName TypeCode DisplayName
56445-0 56445-0 Pharmacist Shared Medicines List Pharmacist Shared Medicines List

More information

For a more detailed description of the end product and its components, please refer to the Release Note.

The PSML document type is based on the Core Level One Clinical Document type:

The Template Package Directory has been updated to include the template packages for the PSML document type:

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