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The Participation Data Specification is a foundation document for the suite of data specifications that the Agency is developing for the Australian health informatics community across a range of health topics. These specifications are generally agreed to be of high priority to standardise in order to achieve the benefits of semantic interoperability in the Australian healthcare setting.

Participations are a fundamental concept within the Agency's information model and are used extensively in Agency structured document templates and data specifications. Participations record context-specific information about relationships between participants and healthcare events. As such, Participations are only meaningful within the context in which they are used; in other words, Participation is not a stand-alone concept.

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Data Types in NEHTA Specifications - Release Note v3.2


The purpose of this release note is to provide a brief description of the Participation Data Specification v3.2. This release note details the location of the specification, highlights resolved and outstanding issues, and also provides links to supporting documentation.

Wednesday, 20 Jul 2011
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