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Please refer to PCEHR Prescription Record v1.1 or refer to the Release History for all releases of this End Product.


The My Health Record system will provide the means to receive and store My Health Record prescription record clinical documents in a standard format that can be accessed and viewed by healthcare providers using their clinical information systems or the national provider portal, and by individuals using the national consumer portal.

The repository of My Health Record prescription records is part of the My Health Record national infrastructure. Healthcare providers, including general practitioners, will continue to send prescription records to My Health Record participating Prescription Exchange Service operators, and where the individual has not declined their consent, these records will be transformed into CDA documents and sent to the My Health Record system as signed CDA packages. Other health care provider organisations, such as jurisdictional health services, may implement local systems that send My Health Record prescription record clinical documents directly to the My Health Record national infrastructure.

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PCEHR Prescription Record - Release Note v1.0


The release will assist clinical information system vendors with design and development of their systems, specifically to parse, extract, and process information contained within the PCEHR Prescription Record CDA documents that have been retrieved from the My Health Record system using the busine

Thursday, 09 May 2013
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