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A new version has been released for this end product

Please refer to Common - Clinical Document v1.1.2 or refer to the Release History for all releases of this End Product.


Specifications, guidance and associated collateral applicable to all types of clinical documents.

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Associated components

Reference Platform - Vendor End 2 End Portal v1.4


This document describes the design for a Vendor End 2 End Portal on the External Reference Platform (XRP). The purpose of the portal is to enable collaboration and end to end testing between parties implementing the Agency specifications stack.

Thursday, 23 Aug 2012

Clinical Documents - CDA Package v1.0


This specification defines three logical models for clinical data that consists of a single CDA XML document and related byte streams. This specification also defines a possible serialised representation for those logical models.

Tuesday, 29 Nov 2011

Clinical Documents - FAQ Pathology Date Time v1.1


The FAQs are guidance material for implementation. They should be used for clarification purposes and to support existing documentation.

This FAQ answers the question: What is the proper representation of pathology test result date/time?

Sunday, 03 Mar 2013

Clinical Documents - FAQ Patient Medications v1.1


The FAQ Patient Medications has been archived and is no longer included in this end product release. Its contents have been superseded by updates to the latest versions of the CDA Implementation Guides for Event Summary and Specialist Letter document types.

Sunday, 03 Mar 2013

Clinical Documents - Supplementary Guidance for Implementers v1.0


This document is a supplement to the Agency’s specification bundle for clinical documents and provides implementation guidance on areas not covered in these specifications. It is intended to promote usability of software and greater consistency of information presentation to clinicians.

Thursday, 24 Oct 2013

Common - Clinical Document - Release Note v1.1.1


This incremental release of the Common Clinical Document end product introduces supplementary guidance for the implementation of clinical documents, representing a key outcome of the Agency’s Clinical Usability Programme (CUP) Release 1.

Thursday, 24 Oct 2013

MDM Client Library - Product Data Sheet v1.0


The MDM Client Library simplifies the development process by providing vendors with a sample implementation of how to create and populate an HL7 v2 MDM message using the information within a CDA package as the input.

Wednesday, 09 Oct 2013

CDA Document Library - Product Data Sheet v1.0


The CDA Document Library uses the Australian CDA Schema and the relevant structured content specifications and CDA implementation guides to build an interface that provides vendors with a simple way to create CDA documents following the specification.

Friday, 11 Oct 2013
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