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A new version has been released for this end product

Please refer to My Health Record B2B Gateway Services v1.9 or refer to the Release History for all releases of this End Product.


The My Health Record SVT environment allows software vendors to build and test the B2B Gateway web services for interactions with the My Health Record system.

To express your interest in connecting to the My Health Record SVT environment or if you require further information about software vendor testing, please contact the Online Technical Support team at [email protected] or by phone in Australia on 1300 550 115. You will then receive a welcome pack describing the My Health Record system connection and testing process.

(Formerly PCEHR B2B Gateway Services)

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File package contents

PCEHR Record Access Service - Technical Service Specification v1.4

Technical Service Specification for EP-1027:2012 PCEHR B2B Gateway Services v1.3, EP-1307:2013 PCEHR B2B Gateway Services v1.4, EP-1315:2013 PCEHR B2B Gateway Services v1.5, EP-1501:2012 PCEHR B2B Gateway Services v1.1, EP-1502:2012 PCEHR B2B Gateway Services v1.2, EP-1507:2013 PCEHR B2B Gateway Services v1.5.1, EP-1508:2013 PCEHR B2B Gateway Services v1.5.2, EP-1571:2014 PCEHR B2B Gateway Services v1.5.3, EP-1892:2014 PCEHR B2B Gateway Services v1.6, EP-2109:2015 PCEHR B2B Gateway Services v1.7, EP-2933:2019 My Health Record B2B Gateway Services v1.8, EP-3298:2020 My Health Record B2B Gateway Services v1.9, EP-3426:2021 My Health Record B2B Gateway Services v2.0
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