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The My Health Record Software Vendor Welcome Pack is a collection of forms and guides to help new software vendors connect to the My Health Record system for the first time. Some of these documents are also used by existing software vendors to connect their updated software to the My Health Record system. Contents in order of use: 


 1. Software Vendor Guide to the Connection Process

 2. Software Vendor Support Contacts

Required for Product registration 

 3. Vendor Product Details Form

For use upon production access request 

 4. Vendor Declaration Form Instructions

 5. Conformance Vendor Declaration Form

For use once the software has been granted production access

 6. Managing Your B2B Software in Production

You can download the full set of documents below or scroll further for links to the individual documents. 

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File package contents

My Health Record - Managing Your B2B Software in Production v1.3

A guide for vendors already in production. It covers topics such as incident management and software changes and upgrades. This document outlines the process for liaising with the My Health Record System Operator (SO) about production incidents and events requiring notification to the SO, such as changes and upgrades to software that connects to the My Health Record system.
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