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Specialist Letter

Specialist letters are used in replying to a referral or reporting on a health event. They contain information related to the event or the requested diagnosis or treatment by a specialist.

Event Summary

The aim of an event summary is to add significant health care information to an individual’s electronic health record, at the discretion of the clinician and with the consent of the individual.

Dispense Records

Dispense Records are used to transfer details of a dispense record, in a format suitable for sharing within My Health Record.

Dispense Records in the Australian context

Specialists Software Industry Offer - Webinar FAQs

Can we search for a HPI-I using a doctor's provider or prescriber number? 
No, To retrieve a providers HPI-I you will require the following,

1. Clinician demographics (name, sex, dob)

2a. Identifier (AHPRA number, HPI-I)


Specialists Software Industry Offer


The Australian Digital Health Agency is offering healthcare software developers financial assistance to design new or enhanced My Health Record–related functionality in clinical information systems used by private specialists.