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Getting Started

The Australian Digital Health Agency aims to increase adoption of the My Health Record by connecting the My Health Record platform to mobile applications through industry standard APIs. 

Included below is key information about getting started and key forms required to connect to My Health Record Mobile Gateway. 

To find out more about the Mobile Gateway and connecting to the My Health Record system you can register your interest to attend a webinar by clicking on the button above or emailing [email protected].

1. Prepare

Read through the Welcome Pack materials (Download all)
- App Vendor Guide to the Connection Process 
- Portal Operator – Production Environment Access Request Form (PEAR)
- Portal Operator Registration Agreement​ (PORA)
Operations Requirements and Guidelines ​
Consent Requirements and Guidelines ​
Security Requirements and Guidelines ​
Presentation Requirements and Guidelines ​
- Managing Your App in Production

Read through the My Health Record FHIR Gateway - API Specification (Download all)
API Specification ​
Data Mapping ​
Error Mapping
Release Note  

Request National Authentication Service for Health Public Key Infrastructure (NASH PKI) Test​ certificate (for Interaction Model 4 only).
This only applies for Consumer mobile app connecting with the My Health Record system via an intermediary server (Interaction Model 4).
Note: You will need to record the test certificate credentials in Step 2.
- ​Contact [email protected] to request your NASH PKI Test Certificate Kit.

2. Get Started 

After reading through the requirements above, (and receipt of the NASH PKI Test Certificate for Interaction Model 4 apps) the next step is to register your organisation and app using the Portal Operator Registration Form.  

Portal Operator Registration Form
Should you wish to continue, register by completing the Portal Operator Registration Form. In this form, you will need to provide details about your organisation and proposed app, such as the app’s intended purpose and the way it intends to interact with the My Health Record system. Your Portal Operator Registration Form will undergo review by the System Operator, and once approved you will progress to the next step in the connection process.  
Submit the Portal Operator Registration Form here

Receive Test Kit (including test data, and access credentials)
After your Portal Operator Registration Form has been approved, you will be provided with a Mobile Test Kit. Included in the kit are test cases and test data to assist with testing your app integration with the My Health Record system. Along with your Test Kit, you will receive unique credentials for accessing the My Health Record Test Environment.

For any questions about the process, please contact [email protected].

3. Develop your app

Now that you can access the Test Environment, you can begin developing your app so that it can connect with the My Health Record system, using the API Mapping, API Specifications and API Release Notes provided in the Welcome Pack.

Submit prototypes and use cases 
Once you have successfully integrated your app in the My Health Record system test environment, you can contact [email protected].

Agency review of prototypes and use cases
A team member will guide you through the next steps, which include an Agency review of the prototype to ensure your app complies with the Consent Requirements and Guidelines

In parallel with this review, you can perform a test of your app using the test cases and test data provided in the Test Kit and submit the results to the My Health Record team for review. Support will be provided if there are any connection issues. We refer to this step as My Health Record Notice of Connection (NoC) ‘self-assessment’ testing. 

Undertake MHR Notice of Connection observed testing 
Attending a virtual session with the My Health Record team to test your app. This is to demonstrate that your app is functioning according to the API specifications. We refer to this as Notice of Connection (NoC) testing. 

4. Declare conformance 

After having successfully tested that your app connects to the My Health Record system and prior to authorisation to access the Production Environment, you will need to declare that your app conforms to the mandatory requirements defined in the Interoperability Requirements. (Refer to the Welcome Pack above for details)

Note: For apps built using Interaction Model 4 you will need to request production certificates. 

Below you will find the key forms required to be completed to gain production access to the My Health Record system. For any questions about the process, please contact [email protected].

Submit Production Environment Access Request (PEAR) Form  
The purpose of this form is for your organisation to register as a Registered Portal Operator. Completion of this form is a prerequisite for gaining access to the production environment. Please fill out the form electronically, then print and manually provide all required signatures. Finally, please scan and send the signed form to [email protected]

​ (Note: for mobile apps, a form is required for each platform your app is being developed for). ​
- Download Production Environment Access Request Form here 

Submit Portal Operator Registration Agreement (PORA)
The purpose of this Agreement is to satisfy the System Operator that the organisation applying to be a portal operator complies with the My Health Records Act and Rules, and agrees to be bound by the conditions of registration outlined in this document.​
-  Download Portal Operator Registration Agreement here 

5. Gain production access

You will be granted authorisation to access the My Health Record Production Environment when: 

- The My Health Record System Operator is satisfied that testing has been successfully completed (Step 3);
- You have declared that your app conforms to the mandatory requirements (Step 4) and
- You agree to the terms as outlined in the contract. 

Consumer-facing applications that connect to the My Health Record Mobile Gateway will be registered as a Portal Operator.

Managing your app in Production
Once your app is in production you will need to be familiar with the process for liaising with the My Health Record System Operator about incidents and other events including changes and upgrades to your app. The Managing your app in Production document will provide you with useful information.
- Download the Managing Your App in Production document here

For information on My Health Record Clinical Software development visit: