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This specification supports structured pathology test results in addition to test results described as narrative.

Release rationale

This is an incremental release of the Structured Pathology specification bundle updates a following product components: 

  • Conformance Test Specification Structured Pathology Report
    This document consists of a series of test cases, each of which is a discrete test and a statement of expected behaviour. Vendors can use the documented test cases to assess the conformance of their pathology eHealth software.
  • My Health Record Conformance Profile
    The conformance profile has been revised to incorporate a new requirement, 027732, suggesting that vendor software should incorporate a data element for optional information when the data is available.
  • Template Package Library 
    The schematrons and template packages are updated to include more values for Individual Pathology Test Result. 
    Removed HPI-I relaxed template packages from Template Package Library bundle to align with mandatory requirement of usage of HPI-Is in MHR. National Healthcare Interoperability plan 2023-2028 promotes the usage of national healthcare identifiers as a priority action. 
    Specifications utilises work performed by the Agency’s predecessor organisation NEHTA (National e-Health Transition Authority). The NEHTA specifications were developed and fully quality-controlled in 2016, however never officially released. The Agency now publishes these specifications unchanged, with only an additional Agency cover page applied to them.

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