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These PRELIMINARY documents are provided as drafts to software vendors to have early access to the technical framework and what will be required to enable electronic prescribing.

This document describes the scheme for assessing the conformance of software involved in the electronic prescribing process.

The scope of this scheme is for establishing the conformance of software systems that participate in electronic prescribing, specifically those systems identified in section 2.

This Conformance Assessment Scheme (the Scheme) does not describe any conformance activities in relation to the My Health Record System, the Healthcare Identifier (HI) Service, the National Authentication Service for Health (NASH), Secure Messaging or the PBS Claiming Service (PBS Online). Where interaction with those systems is required by software systems participating in electronic prescriptions, software systems will be expected to comply with the certification requirements specific to the use of those systems.

Technical integration requirements will be met using the technical specifications developed, supplied and maintained by existing Prescription Exchange Services.

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