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HI Service: https://www5.medicareaustralia.gov.au/cert/soap/services/

Please note that the last character (forward slash “/”) of the endpoint is significant. If this character is missing, you may get an exception if you are using our .NET library.


    <faultstring>[ISS.0088.9109] SOAP is only supported using HTTP POST protocol</faultstring>


My Health Record: https://b2b.ehealthvendortest.health.gov.au/ (web service name)

Examples of the web service names include: doesPCEHRExist, gainPCEHRAccess, getDocumentList, getDocument, uploadDocument, removeDocument, getView.

Please note that the web service names are case sensitive. Do not add additional characters to the end of the endpoint as it will cause errors. For example, if you add an additional “/” at the end, you will get a badWsaAction error “PCEHR_ERROR_0513 - Invalid WS-addressing action”.